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Contact Information

Frontend Dogma
c/o Jens Oliver Meiert
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Telephone +34-610859489

Legal Notice

Responsible for editorial contents (but not for linked websites): Jens Oliver Meiert. All information is subject to change.

Artificial Intelligence

In general, no content on this website is generated by so-called artificial intelligence (AI). Any exceptions are noted.


Responsible for data protection, particularly in terms of European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Jens Oliver Meiert.

Similar to other privacy policies, this policy makes use of a rather formal language. You’re still most welcome on this website.

As the provider of this website, we generally don’t want any data. Apart from legal requirements, this policy is needed because of factors outside of our control, as with server logs our hosting provider stores or needs to store.

Your Rights

Using the contact data provided you can at any time exercise the following rights:

You can at any time revoke your consent.

You can also at any time file a complaint with the supervisory authority in charge.

Purposes of Data Processing

We process any personally identifiable information only to the purposes listed in this policy. There’s no transfer of your personal data other than for the purposes mentioned. We transfer any of your personal data only if

Detention or Deletion of Data

We adhere to the principles of data reduction and frugality. We only store data for as long as it’s necessary for the purposes mentioned or as legal retention periods require. Once purposes or retention periods cease to apply, the data get blocked or removed pursuant to the applicable legal provisions.


For data protection reasons your data are encrypted using TLS, and transferred via HTTPS.

Server Logs

The hosting provider of this website, ALL-INKL.COM, collects and stores some information transferred by your browser in so-called server log files. This information includes:

We’ve signed a data processing agreement with ALL-INKL.COM, requiring ALL-INKL.COM to protect our users’ data and not hand over data to third parties.

The data are not combined or merged with other sources of data.

Processing of the data happens pursuant to Art. 6 ¶ 1 (f) GDPR, allowing the processing of data for the purposes of contractual compliance.

In the server statistics available to us, IP addresses are anonymized and log files get deleted after 30 days.


When you contact us through email, your inquiry and the information provided are stored in order to process and follow up on the inquiry. The data are not handed over to third parties without your consent.

Processing of the data contained in the email happens pursuant to your permission (Art. 6 ¶ 1 (a) GDPR). You can withdraw your consent at any time, for example through an email to us. The withdrawal does not affect the legal validity of processing of the data.

The data provided are stored until you ask us to delete the data, revoke your consent to store the data, or until the purpose for storing the data falls away. This does not overrule any applicable legal requirements, as with retention periods.

We use Gmail and Proton Mail for email, each additionally secured with two-factor authentication. Please refer to Google’s and Proton’s privacy policies for details.


Some pages of this website use VG WORT session cookies, in order to count requests to editorial content. VG WORT, in turn, makes use of the Skalierbares Zentrales Messverfahren (SZM, “scalable central measurement system”) of INFOnline GmbH for the detection of statistical parameters so as to determine the probability of copies of content. This measuring happens pursuant to Art. 6 ¶ 1 (f) GDPR.

In the process, anonymous metrics are collected. To recognize computer systems, the measurement either employs a session cookie or a signature generated through a set of data automatically transmitted by your browser. IP addresses are only used in an anonymized fashion. At no point are single users being identified; your identity remains protected. You don’t receive advertising through the system.

Session cookies are small units of information, stored in the computer memory of a service provider’s user. A session cookie contains a randomly generated identification number, the so-called session ID. On top of that, such a cookie contains information about its origin and the period of time it’s being stored. Session cookies cannot store any other data. Using session cookies, VG WORT enables authors to be compensated through legally mandated distribution payments (for your use of otherwise copyright-protected works). If you don’t wish to partake in SZM measuring, you can opt out.


To improve the performance of this website and the experience using it, files like images, style sheets, and scripts are provided through the Amazon CloudFront content delivery network (CDN) by Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS may store data related to this use. Please refer to the AWS privacy policy for details.

This website provides a tool for website analysis, Site Check. Site Check stores no data (except for prompting standard server log entries) but generates a list of links that you can use to further analyze the URL provided. Please refer to the privacy policies of the respective external websites for details.

In order not just to point to information and products but to make it easier to obtain them, some few links on this website are so-called affiliate links. When you click on and purchase through such an affiliate link, we receive a commission from the respective provider. Affiliate links do not mean price changes for you.

Sporadically, this website uses Sentry in order to check for compliance with security policies. This is both for the general security of your data as well as for the enforcement of provisions made in this document, and it happens only sporadically to balance security and privacy. Similar to other external services, for details on how Sentry works with data, please refer to Sentry’s privacy policy.


We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy in order to comply with legal requirements and to reflect changes to our website and services. For your later visits to this website, the respective current privacy policy applies.


If you have questions related to the privacy and protection of your data, please email us or contact the person responsible for data protection: Jens Oliver Meiert (contact data above).

The European Commission provides a settlement platform for online disputes, as per Art. 14 ¶ 1 Regulation on Consumer Online Dispute Resolution.