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Upgrade Your HTML II

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Upgrade Your HTML II

Jens Oliver Meiert’s Upgrade Your HTML II was just released, and it’s a little awkward to write about this myself (Jens), as the author, and as Frontend Dogma’s “founder” 😅

You find all information on my, Jens’s, website, including this description of the book:

Upgrade Your HTML is the book series for HTML craftspeople and minimalists.

In Upgrade Your HTML II, HTML and CSS optimizer Jens Oliver Meiert takes 10 additional HTML examples from real websites to review and condense the respective markup.

Keep document structures simpler, use semantically more appropriate markup, write less HTML, question certain techniques, deal more intelligently with third-party code—there are many ways to improve HTML code.

“While his approach is radical in some cases, the message counts: analyze, scrutinize, optimize.”—Manuel Matuzović (HTMHell)

This includes where you can get your own copy of Upgrade Your HTML II. Thank you, and enjoy!