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April 9 Is CSS Naked Day

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Since 2006, April 9 is CSS Naked Day.

That means that every year on April 9, participating websites disable all styling.

With true separation of concerns—in the spirit of the first paradigm of web development—, this is absolute and swift. Absolute, because if the markup contains no styling information, it will only be displayed using default styling. Swift, because with good separation, and limits on style sheets, and, perhaps, a content management or templating system, the change may require just one code comment.

CSS Naked Day is great, because it shows the power of CSS. CSS Naked Day is great, because it pulls attention to good frontend engineering practices.

As you can (or cannot) tell, Frontend Dogma participates in CSS Naked Day. Do you?

Read up more on the CSS Naked Day website, and join in next year!