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Upgrade Your HTML IV

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Upgrade Your HTML IV

The fourth edition of Upgrade Your HTML has just been released ⤵️

Because I, Jens, publish these books and run Frontend Dogma, it’s challenging to say much more—why would I not deem this an essential book series for frontend developers. Hence, as with other Frontend Dogma titles, just consider having a look at the book page for more details, to tell whether this book is something for you. Thank you!

Upgrade Your HTML is the book series for HTML craftspeople and minimalists.

In Upgrade Your HTML IV, HTML and CSS optimizer Jens Oliver Meiert takes 10 more examples of HTML from actual websites in order to analyze, explain, and improve the respective markup.

Apart from discussing the appropriate use and the subtleties of HTML elements, this edition covers general topics like conformance, maintainability, and the balancing of optimization vectors. It also covers topics like attribute minimization, void elements, metadata, table buttons and button links, and even CSS art.

“Optimizing and minimizing HTML and checking if there are more appropriate elements or attributes to use is a helpful exercise, because it can improve accessibility while you learn about new features.”—Simon Pieters