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Upgrade Your HTML V

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Upgrade Your HTML V

The fifth edition of Upgrade Your HTML is out!

Because I, Jens, write and publish these books and also run Frontend Dogma, it keeps being challenging to say more—of course this is an essential book (and book series) for frontend developers!

Joking aside: As with other Frontend Dogma titles, have a look at the book page to tell whether this book is something for you. Thank you—especially if you get yourself a copy!

Upgrade Your HTML is the book series for HTML craftspeople and minimalists.

In Upgrade Your HTML V, HTML and CSS optimizer Jens Oliver Meiert takes more examples of HTML to analyze, explain, and improve the respective markup.

In this edition, find tables from the past; new HTML elements; (not) being managed by code; law and order in scripts; hidden and seek; preload requests; intermissions; mysterious chapter names; keyboard shortcuts; microdata; and plenty of appreciation for the craft of HTML.

“There are ways to improve performance by showing extra care about what you add to your HTML document, and anticipating the content. Going beyond the basics and into the nuances of HTML syntax and semantics is the value you’ll find in these pages, knowledge shared with you by Jens.”—Stephanie Eckles