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Today marks a special day for Frontend Dogma—completing the merger with, its previous sister site featuring “web-based and free tools for web development and design”!

Jens, who runs both Frontend Dogma and and still doesn’t know how to speak in posts like this one, alluded to the merger in polls. After all, both sites cover web and frontend development, just with a different focus. That focus clearly was reconcilable.

With the migration now completed, all the good stuff you know from is now available on Frontend Dogma:

Only’s Twitter account will now be put to sleep; going forward, tools will be announced through Frontend Dogma’s channels on Mastodon and, at least for the time being, on Twitter.

A great plus of the move, then, is the option to use Frontend Dogma’s tags to navigate and discover tools. As tools work a little differently given that publication dates aren’t needed or helpful, you would find tools at the end of each tag’s list of entries. That, however, and other things (like the extraordinarily long curated tools list itself), are going to be reviewed and optimized.

If you run into an issue, please reach out or file a report. Enjoy and thank you for following the all-new! 🆕