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You Want to Make It Easy to Feature Your Content

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If you’re an author or publisher, you like your content to be read. For that purpose, it’s helpful if people can share and promote your content.

Frontend Dogma is promoting a lot of content—but finds a lot of publishers to make featuring themselves and their content unnecessarily difficult.

Here are four quick tips for making it easier for others to feature your content:

  1. Don’t link your main heading, with the content’s title, to the same page—that interferes with copying the title, and it’s a usability anti-pattern (your reader is already on the page, so encountering such a link can only be confusing).

  2. Add links to the site and the content’s authors on social media—the easier you make this, the more will follow (or tag) you.

  3. Prominently display the publication date of the content (and, optionally and separately, an update date)—it’s useful to know when the content was originally released.

  4. If you provide and populate “share” links for social media (which don’t seem to work so well—hence “if”), include more than the content’s URL—also add the title, and tag the site and the content’s authors.

Making It Easy to Be Featured on Frontend Dogma

If you want to make it easy to feature your content on Frontend Dogma (granted it’s about web development and design and the many related topics):

Try it out, share feedback, and—make it easier for others to feature your content.