Frontend Dogma

About Frontend Dogma

Frontend Dogma is a project by Jens Oliver Meiert, a former Google tech lead, a frontend engineering manager, and an O’Reilly but also independent author. [Personal note: I’m still unsure what voice to assume here. I’ll keep it a bit distant for now, but there’s a living, breathing being behind this site.]


Frontend Dogma has two purposes:

1. A Source

Frontend Dogma aims to be a decent source for frontend development. Not spectacular, but decent: Share meaningful information; make that information easy to access (via feed and Twitter); give good credit to authors and publishers (with “do follow” links and ample Twitter mentions).

2. A Publisher

Frontend Dogma is also a small and humble publisher of books about frontend development. The first titles are all ebooks by Frontend Dogma’s founder, Jens Oliver Meiert. Over time, Frontend Dogma will feature other authors and book types. If you are an author writing about frontend development, get in touch for how Frontend Dogma and you could fit together.


Can I Propose or Provide Content for Frontend Dogma?

Absolutely! Please reach out by sending an email or a direct message on Twitter. At the moment it’s easier to propose articles to be featured than to provide content to be (re)published, but please share your thoughts.

Can I Make Other Suggestions and Contributions?

Yes! Site feedback and contributions are always welcome.

How Dogmatic Is Frontend Dogma?

Not dogmatic. Frontend Dogma certainly shares convictions, but it’s not about dogma and there is no agenda.

What About the Design of Frontend Dogma?

It’s intentionally basic and continuously improved. Just as with everything else, suggestions and feedback are welcome.