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Follow Your Favorite Web Dev Topics With Topic Feeds

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TL;DR: Each topic on Frontend Dogma now comes with its own RSS feed! (What’s a feed?) If your browser or your browser extensions don’t indicate them, add “topic.xml” at the end of a topic main page (as with “accessibility” and its feed), to then follow the topic.

Web and frontend development are huge fields, especially if you support the idea that it’s useful to know a little bit about the neighboring disciplines as well.

Accordingly, Frontend Dogma already features more than 500 topics and tags (just as much as The Web Development Glossary and its website include almost 4,000 terms).

Not everyone may like to follow all related news, however.

For that reason, Frontend Dogma now features topic-related feeds:

If you want to try it out, check out some of the following topics:

At the moment, topic feeds aren’t featured prominently. That is because they only include a small number of entries (so they come with limitations, like not showing all additions), to test the feeds and listen to feedback, and also not to pull away too much attention from the main feeds (all entries, news, and tools), which are most reliable and still recommended.

But topics feeds are there. If you run into any issues or like to comment, please reach out!